Emerging Artists: STOP BEING DIVAS & DIVOS!

Okay.  I’m going to bitch a little bit.  There are some things that really ‘grind my gears’, in the words of Peter Griffin, and I’m sure anyone in the music industry with any clout can agree, that as the title implicates, this is one.  There are a couple of  incidents I’ve had over the last week that are going to come out in this blog.  I’ve made it part of my Workout Revelations Blog series because it’s all I thought about at 5am this morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, artists of all ages, if you are just starting out, and you got all your social media accounts set up, and a few good photos posted, and maybe you’ve even been to the studio to lay down some vocal tracks, don’t act like little assholes, because you haven’t accomplished anything yet. Don’t make believe that at this point you are anything other than a struggling artist. Trying to present yourself as anything other than that is a complete turn-off, and possibly a decision changer for anyone who may want to help you.  If you don’t like honesty and feedback, get out of the game now.

Now I am not saying at all not to be confident and self assured, especially if you are starting to get some acknowledgement, but let’s not expect VIP treatment when you walk in the club on a Saturday night (I say as an example).  There are thousands of artists trying to make their way through the swamps of advice and information they are given, and at any moment their career can take off.  Be humble, follow through with your word, and treat people with respect.

Here’s an experience I had recently that really set me off.  The artist is brand new, has nothing, has started nothing, but wants everything.

I was contacted by a young man that wants help starting out.  We have mutual acquaintances through an artist I’m assisting heavily right now.  The first thing I ask is what are his goals.  He has aspirations to be a rapper, a model, and a movie star.  He wants a world tour, red carpet walk at the Oscars and Grammys, and a clothing line.  He’s young, white, and has no available music for me to hear to see where he stands, but he tells me he’s ambitious and has drive.  He has a few social media accounts, although none of them are relevant to each other, (Different profile names, bios, and no content dealing with music).  I told him that I would send him an email with a list of questions and information I needed from him in order to get him on the right path in any way I can.  I informed him that this by no means an invite for management or any other type of representation.  Well the email was sent and that was days ago.  No response!  He still has time to complain about why no one will give him a chance on Facebook and post photos of him “Popping Bottles” in the club.  His last post went like this:  “About to blow-up.  New album coming and working on my clothing line.  I need all these hoes to stay off my dick, so I have time to grind.”

Good luck kid!

Generally speaking, people behind the scenes in this business want to help new talent.  It looks good to be the person that breaks the next Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Twenty One Pilots, etc.  There’s money to be made on the newest, hottest, artist/band on the block.  That being said, they have short attention spans and no time for bullshit.  Bring your A-game, be prepared, and no matter what, if your serious about this, keep grinding hard.


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