Soundcloud vs. Reverbnation

I was asked recently, which of the two sites do I recommend an artist releases his music to for self promotion.

These two almost should not be compared.  In all honesty, they’re not even designed to produce the same results, unless you strictly want to give people a place to hear your music. I’ve also always been apprehensive of releasing full records to any site where there is an opportunity to take a bite out of your sales…or potential sales.

There are plenty of articles out there that breakdown the differences between the two platforms, so I’m going to keep this blog brief and strictly give you my opinion.  However, I’ll add a couple of links that I believe give the best pros and cons of each.

In my opinion, Soundcloud is the better of the two.  With Reverbnation, of course you have the ability to submit to ‘opportunities’, but the majority of the time there is a cost associated with it, or you need to be paying a monthly fee for your EPK.  With Soundcloud, if you really work the site, and take time each day to listen to other artist’s music and provide useful feedback, you will get it in return.  This is a free way to Focus Group your music. With Reverbnation, you can Crowd Review your music, but there is a cost.  There are also quite a few large labels, producers, and music promotion companies on soundcloud, for example The EDM Network with over 2 million followers, where “World-renowned artists such as Paul van Dyk, Avicii, Nicky Romero, David Guetta, Cedric Gervais, and many more get their tracks featured on this network of SoundCloud promo channels to boost their music.”  Also, within the industry today,  digital music submissions are now the norm, and with soundcloud a link can be easily provided to whomever wants to hear your music.  If I was asked to review a track, I would need the artist to send me a link.  It’s a pain to receive an mp3 file that I need to scan and then download…I’ll pass.

Again, this is just my view.  I am in no way trying to diminish Reverbnation or their ability to promote your music.

It’s really up to you and what you believe is best.




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